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Player Recruitment

The Recruiting Edge

The athelites Recruiting Network is the recruiting edge— an invaluable, reliable resource for student athletes and coaches alike. Why? Because it is the ONLY recruiting resource that provides comprehensive, empirical data about student athletes directly to college coaches.

Each Student Athlete Profile is based on our unique ratings system, which includes an athelites Player Rating and an athelites Academic Rating. Together these rock-solid stats offer a complete picture of the athlete as a potential recruit.

APR: The Key to Effective Individual Sport Training

At athelites, we’re obsessed with providing effective individual sport training. That’s why we developed a unique stat that takes the guesswork out of training student athletes: the athelites Player Rating.

Here’s how it works. athelites measures each student athlete’s abilities in key areas— speed, agility, strength and sport specific skills— and pinpoints each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Together, these factors yield the athelites Player Rating, or APR.

The APR reveals how well the athlete can perform in his or her sport, identifies the precise areas in which the athlete needs training and improvement, and determines the optimum program of individualized and sport-specific exercises and drills for the athlete. Then, we work with the athlete to execute his or her customized training program and achieve full potential in his or her sport.

Because it is based on objective numeric measurements, the APR also offers coaches and college recruiters a highly effective way of evaluating the athletic ability of prospective recruits.

AAR: The Measure of Academic Performance

athelites has developed a stat for academic performance to complement the APR. Verified by school transcripts, the AAR includes the athlete’s class ranking, GPA and SAT/ ACT, honors and achievements. For coaches and college recruiters, it substantiates that the student athlete can meet academic requirements in addition to performing on the field or court of play.

The athelites Academic Rating, or AAR, in combination with the APR provides a complete and balanced Student Athlete Profile that is objective and data based.

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