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Player Recruitment


College Coaches

The athelites Recruiting Network gives college coaches an edge in the recruiting process.

That is because athelites is the ONLY recruiting resource that provides comprehensive, empirical data about student athletes, so that you can evaluate their high school achievements and college potential based on objective, numeric measurements— not subjective opinions or sales pitches.

Pre-Qualified Student Athletes

When you consider an athelites prospect for recruitment, you can be sure that he or she has already met or exceeded our own athletic and academic pre-qualification standards.

At athelites, we work one-on-one with our student athletes from as early as grade 8. We provide year-round and year-to-year guidance and training, involving parents and coaches throughout the process. We continuously monitor our student athletes’ academic performance to keep them grounded. At the same time, we train our passionate young athletes with intensity, whether they participate in our short-term sports camps or long-term sports training.

athelites measures each student athlete’s abilities in key areas— speed, agility, strength and sport-specific skills— and pinpoints each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Together, these factors yield the athelites Player Rating, or APR.

The APR reveals how well the athlete can perform in his or her specific sport, identifies the precise areas in which the athlete needs training and improvement, and determines the optimum program of individualized and sport-specific exercises and drills for the athlete. Then, we work with the athlete to execute his or her customized training program and achieve full potential in his or her sport.

To complement the APR and present a complete and balanced picture of our student athletes, we also have a stat for academic performance— the athelites Academic Rating, or AAR. Verified by school transcripts, the AAR includes class ranking, GPA and SAT/ ACT, honors and achievements. For coaches and college recruiters, it ensures that the student athlete can meet academic requirements in addition to performing on the field or court of play

By the time our student athletes are in their sophomore or junior year in high school, they are highly focused and well prepared for college recruitment, both athletically and academically. Best of all, by that time, we have built a comprehensive Student Athlete Profile — including the APR and AAR— for each athlete whose sights are set on college sports.

Rock-Solid Stats

Once you register to be part of the athelites Recruiting Network, you will have access to our Student Athlete Profiles in your sport— basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer or volleyball. Each profile presents a complete picture of the potential recruit on the field or court, as well as in the classroom.

The data included in each Student Athlete Profile is rock-solid data.

The athelites Recruiting Network is a free service for college coaches and recruiters. So, register today, and get free, unlimited online access to athelites Student Athlete Profiles in your sport— basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer or volleyball.

Start making your recruiting review and decision-making process more efficient and more effective. Joining the athelites Recruiting Network now.