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Player Recruitment


athelites Multi-Step Strategy

Step 1

First, we will help you figure out what kind of college "fits" you. Think about what type of college would be right for you athletically and academically and about what would provide you with a compatible, appealing physical and social environment. Then, we’ll help you narrow down your search to:

Once you have narrowed down your preferences, you may want to visit a few schools with your parents, high school coach or sports club for some first-hand experiences.

Step 2

Once we have a clear idea of what kind of colleges you want to approach for recruitment, athelites can go to work for you. We can increase your chances of being noticed and recruited before rosters fill up, scholarships are awarded and opportunities are missed.

athelites will put your athletic and academic information on as a Student Athlete Profile, where coaches from across the country can log in and see it. Your online Student Athlete Profile will include your:

If you’d like to enhance your athelites Student Athlete Profile, you can have the option to include photos and video of yourself in a game and or a skill drill session.

Once your profile is on

Step 3

In addition to posting your Student Athlete Profile, athelites will:

Step 4

Once during your high school career (preferably your sophomore or junior year), you may select up to ___colleges to receive a special direct mail marketing package about you, which athelites will create and send on your behalf. This can make a great impression on a college coach and identify you as a selected athelites prospect— one who has already met or exceeded our athletic and academic pre-qualification standards. This also can have a significant impact on a college coach as he or she makes scholarship offer decisions.

Your personal direct mail marketing package will consist of:

Step 5

athelites will provide face-to-face consultation to you and your parents when the time comes to prepare for interviews with coaches or sort through and evaluate recruitment offers. We also can support you with guidance based on our first-hand knowledge of you and your athletic ability.

Every year, college coaches are looking for qualified student athletes as they build team rosters and consider scholarship offer decisions. For just $560 per year, the athelites Recruitment Consulting Program can help you stand out from the thousands of student athletes from high schools across the country and get recognized as a viable recruiting prospect. (Optional upgrade costs may apply.)

Get the guidance and support you need to prepare for and navigate through the college sports recruiting process. Register today for the athelites Recruitment Consulting Program.