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Player Recruitment


Student Athletes & Parents

If you are a good high school athlete and your goal is to play college sports, you must ask yourself some important questions before you begin to approach college coaches and recruiters:

  1. Am I an athletically viable prospect?
  2. Does my academic performance support my athletic performance?
  3. Am I ready to make colleges aware that I am an athletically and academically viable prospect?
  4. Am I ready to market myself and convince coaches that I am the best choice for their program?

If you find that you cannot answer “Yes” to every one of these questions with complete honesty and self-confidence, you may need to do a little more work with the support of your parents, sports club, high school coaches or athelites camps and training.

If you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions without reservation, you’re ready to begin the recruiting process, and athelites is ready to help.

athelites Recruitment Consulting Program

To successfully navigate the complicated college recruiting process, the student athlete needs to stand out among prospective recruits from the more than 37,100 public and private high schools across the country. Otherwise, it is easy for college coaches to overlook a young athlete with great talent.

athelites offers you knowledgeable guidance and a college sports recruiting strategy to help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by coaches and recruiters.

Through our Recruitment Consulting Program, athelites provides middle and high school students and their parents with the athletic and academic guidance they need to prepare for and navigate through the college sports recruiting process. We can answer your specific questions, like when and how to contact college coaches. We can provide year-round and year-to-year support. Then, we can execute a proactive, multi-step college sports recruiting strategy on your behalf, which will attract coaches’ interest and get you recognized as a viable recruiting prospect.

The athelites Recruitment Consulting Program is available to student athletes in grades 8 through 11. We recommend starting in grade 8, but you may enter the program at any of these grade levels. The program is comprised of: