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Long Term Training

athelites offers Long Term Training for basketball, field hockey and lacrosse. Small groups allow for individual attention and maximum improvement.

Each training program is sport-specific and utilizes our athelites Player Rating (APR) system to pinpoint and fulfill individual training needs. During the first training session, athelites measures your key abilities in your sport and factors the results together to arrive at your athelites Player Rating. Your APR not only reveals how well you can perform in your sport, but it identifies the precise areas in which you should train for improvement.

Focusing on your individual goals identified by your APR, you follow a step-by-step training progression, guided by explanation, demonstration and participation. In addition, athelites’ staff uses positive reinforcement, developing trust and respect over the course of your training, so you leave fully prepared for season tryouts and games and confident in your abilities.

Each training program is 14 weeks long, consisting of two, one-hour classes per week. Each program includes 10 to 14 players and is gender and age-specific to produce the best possible results.

APR: The Key to Effective Individual Sport Training

At athelites, we’re obsessed with providing effective individual sport training. That’s why we developed a unique stat that takes the guesswork out of your training — the athelites Player Rating.

Here’s how it works. athelites measures your abilities in key areas— speed, agility, strength and sport specific skills— and pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses. Together, these factors yield your athelites Player Rating, or APR, which reveals how well you can perform in your sport, identifies the precise areas in which you need training and improvement, and determines the program of individualized and sport-specific exercises and drills that are best for you. Then, athelites works with you to execute your customized training program and help you achieve your full potential in your sport.

You can log on to our website from anywhere and use your athelites Player Rating to see how you stack up against other players in your sport in the area.

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